How can I convert a PPT to a video?

Converting a Powerpoint Presentation to a Video using Animaker.

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Animaker lets you import your PPT file and convert it into a video.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: From the Menu Bar on Top, click on ‘File’ and then select the ‘PPT to Video’ option.

Step 2: Upload the powerpoint file in .PPTX format.

Step 3: Once the file is uploaded, you will be prompted to choose different options to customize:

  • Slide transitions: The transition effects between the scenes.

  • Enter Effect: The enter animation for the assets in the video.

  • Exit effect: The exit animation for the assets in the video

  • Music Track for the video

Once they are selected, click on ‘Apply’.

Step 4: Voila! The AI tool will do the heavy lifting for you, and the video will be ready in seconds.

Note: You can further enhance your video by swapping transition effects between specific scenes, adding characters, adjusting the scene length & replacing the properties, animations, fonts, etc.

Here is a tutorial on how to convert your PPT to Video in Animaker.

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