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How do I add subtitles to a video?

Adding Subtitles to videos in Subtitle Generator.

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Create a new subtitle project and import a video file. You can either upload a video from your device or use a video from your Animaker export list or even select one from Animaker Media Library.

Once the video file is uploaded to the workspace, you can add subtitles to it in the following ways:

  1. Automatically generate subtitles

  2. Manually add subtitles.

  3. Upload a subtitle file

  • Automatically generating subtitles:

Click on the ‘Auto Subtitle’ option, and the AI will generate the subtitles automatically and sync them with your video.

  • Manually adding subtitles.

Click on the ‘Manual Subtitle’ option to manually add subtitles.

You can adjust the start and end timings of the subtitles according to the voiceover and sync them to the video.

  • Uploading a subtitle file:

You can add subtitles by uploading a saved subtitle file from your device.

The uploaded files can be in .srt, .sbv, .vtt, and .ass formats.

Note: The added subtitles can be edited from the Subtitles option on the left panel. The start and end times of all the subtitles can also be edited if you wish to.

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