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How do I upload files from my PC to Animaker?
How do I upload files from my PC to Animaker?

Importing images/videos/gifs/ audios from the PC to Animaker.

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If you wish to use images, videos, gifs, or even audio tracks that are saved on your PC, you can easily upload them to Animaker and add them to your videos.

To upload a file from your PC, follow these steps.

Step- 1: Click on the Uploads section in the Animaker Library.

Step- 2: Select the the ‘Upload’ button to add files from your PC.

Step 3: From the dialog box, choose the files you wish to import from your PC.You can also drag and drop the files into your Animaker workspace.

If you have to import more than 1 file, you can upload multiple files by selecting them all at once and importing them.

In case you wish to import an image or gif from the internet, all you have to do is to just copy (Ctrl/cmd + C) and paste (Ctrl/cmd+ V) the image or gif from the browser to Animaker. It’s as simple as that.

If you wish to delete or rename any of the uploaded files, click on the ‘three dots’ over the file.

Once you upload a file, it will remain in the ‘Uploads’ section until you delete it. So, you can use the same file in multiple video projects without having to upload them every time.

Check out the video below to learn more about uploading your files to Animaker.

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