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How can I resize my projects in a single click?
How can I resize my projects in a single click?

Using the Resize tool to change the dimensions of the projects.

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The Resize tool helps you convert your video projects from one dimension to another in just a click.

The tool comes in very handy, especially when you want to post the same video on multiple social media platforms.

To resize your projects, follow these steps.

Step- 1: On the Menu Bar on top, you will find the Resize option

Step- 2: Click on the dimension you want to convert your video to.

For example, if you want to convert your horizontal video (16:9) into a vertical (9:16), click on the ‘Vertical’ option and vice versa.

Similarly, you can resize the square video projects (1:1) into horizontal or vertical and vice versa.

A new resized version of your project will be created instantly, and the old project will remain the same.

Please note that you might have to align some assets in the resized projects according to the new dimension. You can easily make the changes by dragging them accordingly.

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