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How do I add, delete and resolve comments in the video?
How do I add, delete and resolve comments in the video?

Advanced collaboration using the Comments feature.

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With Animaker's Real-time collaboration feature, the projects can be shared with multiple collaborators, and seamless collaboration is possible.

Additionally, you can use the Comments feature to post comments, tag your team members and assign tasks, and make and resolve suggestions, all in real time,

To add comments, follow these steps.

Step - 1: Select the scene for which you want to add a comment.

Step - 2: Click on the Comment icon (speech bubble) right below your workspace to open the comment section.

Step - 3: You can add your comment directly to a scene and post it.

If you want to add a comment to a specific item on your scene, like the character/property or text, you can select the desired item/asset, click the comment icon and post your comment.

Step 4: You can also direct the task or comment to a specific person on your team or to the person whom you have shared the video with. Just type @ and select a user from the list to tag them in the comment.

The members will be notified via email when they have been tagged.

Step 5: Once the changes are made, you can resolve the comment by clicking the tick ✅ icon and Mark it as resolved.

Once the comment is resolved, it will stay on the 'Resolved Comments' part at the bottom of the comments section for future reference.

You can also re-open the comment if necessary.

Step 6: You can also Delete or Edit the comment by clicking on the 3 dots (...) next to the green tick. Or, if you want to reply to a comment, click on the ‘Reply’ option below the comment. Any user with 'Edit' access to the video can do this.

Note: When you type @ to tag someone, you will find the list of all the people you have previously shared your Animaker videos with. If the person is not on the list, please share your video with the person and then tag them in your comment.

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