How do I use Gradient Shapes in Animaker?

Using gradient shapes in Animaker.

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Gradient shapes are different types of standard and asymmetrical shapes with an accent of colors.

You will find it in the “Properties” section in the library.

To use a gradient shape, go to the “Properties” section of the Animaker Library and you will find the category called “Gradient Shapes.”

Click on the “view all” to get the extended list under it.

You can select the desired gradient shape of your choice and add it to your workspace.

In order to customize the colors of your gradient shapes, start by selecting the one you added to your workspace.

Then on the Menu Bar on top, you can find a colored square displaying the current colors of the gradient shape.

From there, you can edit the color combinations of the gradient shape.

To change the color of the gradient shapes, you can follow any one of the 2 options:

  • You can either choose one from the default colors available.

  • Or, you can pick a custom color of your choice by clicking on the color palette.

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