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I received a Copyright Claim on my video
I received a Copyright Claim on my video

Registering Audio Tracks to avoid Copyright Claims

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If you have used any of Animaker's Premium audio tracks in your videos, your video might be flagged for a Copyright claim if you use them on certain platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

A copyright claim occurs when copyrighted content is used without a license being detected.

However, the premium tracks listed on Animaker are pre-cleared from all claims i.e, you will not get copyright claims if your videos are uploaded to the platforms in a right way.

How to avoid any copyright claim on your Animaker video?

You can avoid claims by following these simple steps:

  1. Make sure you connect the Youtube channel in which you will upload your video to your Animaker account.

2. In order to avoid any copyright claim on your videos, the videos have to be uploaded directly from your Animaker account to your YouTube channel. If you are downloading your video and then uploading the content to YouTube, your videos will be flagged for copyright, because the licensing API will not work through this route.

3. If you have multiple YouTube channels, please link the channel on which you intend to upload your video content to your Animaker account.

If you continue to face issues regarding this, please write in to and mention 'Premium Track License' in the Subject line. Our team will help you with it.

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