Asset Credits are the number of premium stock videos and images that can be used in a given month.

The number of Asset Credits that can be used in a given month for each plan is shown below:

Free Plan: 5 asset credits/month
Starter Plan: 20 asset credits/month
Pro Plan: 45 asset credits/month

Using an asset multiple times in the same project will be considered as 1 asset credit used.

Once your credits have been exhausted, you will be charged $1 per image asset and $5 per video asset per project.

Your credits will be replenished at on the date of your subscription. You can get more credits immediately by subscribing to a higher-tier plan. (eg: If you subscribed on March 14, your assets will be replenished on April 14)

Our Pro and Enterprise users are eligible to our ‘Elite Asset Bundle’. To know more about Elite Assets, please check out our article on them.

Note: Using the same asset on different projects and exporting them will be considered as separate asset counts and you will be charged per asset per project.

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